Three Types Of Paper Stocks That You Can Use To Design Your Business Card

Unique Business cards are one of the easiest ways that you can introduce your business and in most cases they are the first impression about your company that your customers will receive. They can act as way that you will fetch many clients since they will have an easy access of your business through the contact information that is entailed in the business card. With the many business card types that are available for you to choose, it is always prudent that you choose according to your business since they vary in nature depending on the business type. However, choosing the right business card types will also act positively to the growth of your business. This is because the right business card types for your business will be created in that it conveys a sense of quality as well as professionalism as it gives attention to the details in it.

The selection of the right business card types by various business persons can be hectic since they are quite a number. However, the type of business that a business chooses will start with the selection of the paper stock. Below are some of the common business card types in reference with the type of paper stock that is used to design it.

1. Card Stock.

The most common type of business card is the paper business card types that are usually termed as the card stock. When it comes to these types of business cards, it is usually made in such a way that they will withstand excessive handling which is an important feature of a business card. The use of a high paper weight will result to a more rigid business card types while those that are made out of lower paper weight will result to flimsier business card types.

2. Matte stocks.

The Matte business card stocks are also the most chosen papers that are used to make various business card types. This is because they offer smooth and non-shinny finishes. The matte types of stocks always come in a wide variety of colors but in most cases they come in white, creams tans and beige colors.

3. Photo card stocks.

Another common type of paper stock that is used to make business cards is the Photo card stocks which require a photo quality finish. In most cases, it is used by actors, real estate agents and models. You can also choose these business card types if you would wish to add your photograph to be known well by your clients.

These paper stocks are the most common types of paper designs that you can consider choosing when making your own creative business card.